Bauhaus In Interior Design

The Bauhaus was an avant-garde design studio that operated in Germany between 1919 and 1933. Founded by architect Walter Gropius, the school incorporated art, architecture, and in particular, distinctive furniture that would become known as Bauhaus style.

Bauhaus in interior design. The Bauhaus aesthetics is still alive because its elements are present in other interior design styles, such as minimalistic and industrial style that are very popular in interiors nowadays. Many solutions that came from the Bauhaus manifesto can be found in present interior or exterior concepts. Bauhaus was a school of design, architecture, craft and art founded by Walter Gropius in 1919 in Weimar (Germany). It was a professional art center where the greatest artists of the time studied and worked side by side. All sorts of artists came to share their different ideas: painters, sculptors, architects and more. They only had one objective – to improve manual labor and try to create. It has been more than a century since the Bauhaus school was founded. This German institution has redefined art, design and architecture. Formed in 1919, the Staatliches Bauhaus was headed by Walter Gropius.The school’s thought focused on modernism and simplified forms of interiors and furniture.

The Bauhaus style later became one of the most influential currents in modern design, modernist architecture and art, design, and architectural education. The Bauhaus movement had a profound influence upon subsequent developments in art, architecture, graphic design, interior design, industrial design, and typography. Design expert Guillaume Cuiry explores the influential Bauhaus and Modernist movements and their impact on contemporary design in his regular column for Selections The Bauhaus movement, initiated in Germany in the 1920s, is at the origin of modern design. This artistic current was intended to be functional, with the use of straight, pure lines, tubular Bauhaus Grafik Design is a Fast + Easy + Affordable Online Interior Home Design Service creating Custom 3D Designs for your Space + Style! Interior Designer creates Modern, Scandinavian, Contemporary, Mid Century Modern Designs for your Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom, Office. Sign up + Find Your Design Inspiration!

The History. Bauhaus is a type of style used in making various types of furniture. You will find this design mostly in offices and even homes since Bauhaus furniture is quite popular, and their influence even in the modern world is excellent. The first thing that is known about this type of furniture is that it came from the Bauhaus school. Stories on the hugely influential Bauhaus school's designs, architecture and people, including Bauhaus 100, a series celebrating the school's centenary. In Bauhaus laboratories, prototypes for all sorts of items from lamps to chairs were created for mass production. The aim was “the methodical removal of anything that is unnecessary.” It was this philosophy of “form following function” that defined the Bauhaus as the most influential school of avant-garde art, design, and architecture.

Bauhaus is all about new techniques, new materials, new ways of construction, new attitude – all the time. Architects, designers, and artists have to invent something new all the time. Thus Bauhaus influenced the new forms of arts like graphic design which emerged 100 years ago. Bauhaus also led to the emergence of new forms of interior design. The famous Bauhaus school of art and design developed a distinctive, modern style of furniture that remains influential even today. This lesson will discuss the features that define this style. The Bauhaus has had a huge impact on interior design and modern furniture. The Bauhaus style is all about reducing things down to their basic elements and it’s synonymous with clean, pared-back spaces and streamlined forms.

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Thus, typical Bauhaus designs—whether evident in painting, architecture, or interior design—feature little ornamentation and a focus on balanced forms and abstract shapes. Bauhaus Art. In art, this emphasis on function is apparent in the balanced compositions of abstract paintings by Bauhaus artists like Wassily Kandinsky and Paul

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